About Us

Nyle Living is the result of over two decades of creative solutions, best in class sourcing and manufacturing, and the highest level of care for our clients. While working with top designers over the years, we’ve observed how to make your vision come true all while setting industry standards. Combining high quality materials made from only the best mother nature has to offer, and our dedication to creating highly unique designs has created a brand you can trust. We believe in preserving our environment through our selection process. The materials we have selected to use are all recyclable and come from fast replenishing resources, creating a truly sustainable cycle.  

Our website is fully capable of handling your custom shade orders. Use it for your smaller or one-off orders, when you want to submit orders after hours, and/or to get quotations (you'll need to create an account with your trade credentials to see wholesale pricing). We should see your account created and approve it for trade pricing pretty quickly, but if you don't see if within the business day please contact us and we will be sure that it gets approved.


Thank you for choosing Nyle Living, we look forward to working with you soon.